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 Sanctified: The Complete Series is the sequel
The best selling What's Done in the Dark Series. 
Please read the entire What's Done in the Dark series before venturing into this book.
Major Spoiler Alert!!


Pastor Courtney Burnett wasn't born with a bible in his hand. In fact he and his family are no strangers to secrets and bad luck that seems to curse their every move. That same mentality haunts the new pastor as he leads Brightmoor Baptist Church but evil still lurks around every corner.

As a young married father, Courtney tries fighting temptation but unfinished business won't allow him to rest.

Courtney vowed to change his life but will his old ways resurface forcing him to revert back to his old life as a sinner. Or will he keep on the straight and narrow and change the fate of the Burnett family lineage?

Find out in the sequel to the Best Selling saga of What's Done in the Dark

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