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BWWM Bundle Paperback

BWWM Bundle Paperback

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5 BWWM Books for 1 Low Price


Tia Marshall looks for love in all the wrong places. After having her heart broken for the last time she decides to change teams. When she stares into Rich's blue eyes she thinks he will be the perfect vacation from the norm they are from two different worlds.

No one in Tia's life can know about this interracial love affair. Tia goes the extra mile to keep things a secret but lies can only stay hidden for so long.

Will Tia face the truth that she may actually be falling for the right guy this time...even if he just happens to be white?

Find out in the BWWM series of White Lies: The Complete Series 


Todd is back as the other Man of the House only to discover the brat has returned home as well.

He traveled the world to get away from her but now circumstances drive them back together. Years have passed since he has seen the Brat and things aren't what they used to be. 

When Todd sees the Brat in a different light he starts to rethink his position. "What if?" he asks himself. 
But what will everyone say?

Find out in UnRelated 


Ebony is a single mom that is down on her luck and lands a job at one of the biggest companies in town. 

Mr. Lance Ivory is the heir to the billionaire Ivory Enterprises. 

They both have been hurt before and when they run into each other at Ivory Enterprises, they are instantly attracted to each other. 

Their roles at the company keep them separated until one night brings the pair together but there's one problem...neither of them are what they appear to be. 

Ebony has secrets and Lance is living in a dark shadow of his family. Will either of them be able to push past life to find love? 

Read and find out in this Interracial romance of Ebony and Mr. Ivory. 


Nia is conflicted about every aspect of her life. Everything is a question mark from staying with her boring boyfriend or furthering her writing career. She can't make a definitive decision about anything until she meets Mitch, the cunning man that doesn't take no for an answer.

To Mitch everything is possible, even loving a woman that belongs to someone else. Now Nia must choose, what she wants versus what she knows best. What will be her decision?

Find out in Mixed Emotions: The Complete Series

A BWWM Romance Tale


The Blacker the Berry...The Sweeter the LOVE

Gina Hamilton is a journalist with a promising career but her personal life is in shambles. After a rough breakup her life is a wreck. 

Her only escape is work but when she meets Billionaire Josh Goades all bets are off. Josh Goades is the demanding heir to the Goades Vineyard empire and what he says goes.

Doing a story on Josh Goades and his revolutionary Black Grapes won't be easy but somehow Gina sees through the tough exterior of the billionaire. 

But when Gina finds out a secret about Josh and his business, will she choose to uncover the secret to boost her career or will she keep quiet to further their love?

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