July 08, 2019 1 min read

Congratulations to Halle Berry for being cast as Ariel in a Little Mermaid remake.



This is great news...but not to all. Of course the racists have to peek their heads out and talk shit. 

As Ursula said "Poor Unfortunate Souls.." because  you must be sad and miserable to even start an argument or debate over this. Its horrifying that you bastards are so mad about this Black Goddess playing this role that you have all forgot one thing. 


That means she can be whatever. You bastards are sickening and there is no other way to say it. But I understand you don't want us "tainiting" the very disney movies that we help make block busters. So we'll do you a favor. Were going to start creating our own. 

I see many black artists creating our own stories and casting our Black characters so we can play our own heroes. 

But if by chance you are one of the "unfortunates" I hope you get a triton stuck up your ass or an electric eel shocks you. Or better yet maybe Ursula will come from the sea and wrap her tentacles around your neck. 

That's how stupid you sound bitching about a Black woman playing a fictional character. We know what its really about...you want to be us so bad that you hate us. But guess what...we aren't going anywhere... 

Side note: I know a lot of Black girls named Ariel ;) 

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