March 03, 2021 3 min read


In the age of technology, people are always looking for better and newer things. Sadly, this habit has crossed over to relationships as well. Today, people treat each other as options and are always on the lookout for someone better. Even if a person is in a relationship with someone, they like having back-ups; another technology concept that has crossed over.


You may not realize it, but you could be someone's backup or a side chick, as they say nowadays. If you were smart, you wouldn't want to settle for anything less than "the one and only chick." Trust me, you are better off investing your energies into something that can grow. So, how do you tell if you are a side item? Well, let's take a look.


1) He Won't Let You In

A relationship is a two-way street. Both of you should know the basic as well as the more intimate details about one another. But if you're the only one sharing things about your personal life, while he refuses to do the same, you could very well be a side chick. Ask yourself, do you really know him? You'll get your answer.


2) He Never Makes Sacrifices For You

In a relationship, there are bound to be some compromises. This is what you do when you're in love with the other person or at least care about them. But if your guy never bothers to take care of your needs and preferences, or is never willing to share your burdens, you are simply not his priority.


3) He Keeps Forgetting The Little Things

You see, in a relationship, especially a serious one, the connection between two people is almost spiritual. As such, you make efforts to remember even the smallest of things about the other person. But if he keeps forgetting even the simplest of things like your best friend's name or your favorite dishes, then that may be because you are just not important to him. Hence, a side chick!


4) He Won't Post You On Social Media

These days, people post the tiniest of details on social media. If they have pizza for lunch, it goes up on Instagram or Facebook. So, if he's not posting your photos on his social media, well, that's your hint. If you insist and he still doesn't do it, he may just be hiding you from you-know-who - the main chick!


5) You're Always At Your Place

Are you two always hanging out at your place? Does he hesitate when you suggest going to his place? Yep, that's a clear sign. If he says that he lives alone, and still refuses to take you to his home, he might be hiding you from his wife or girlfriend. Or even if does take you there, it is probably after much planning and phone calls!


These aren't the only ways to figure it out but just a few tips. But if you really want to elevate over bad relationships join my list ;) 

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