August 26, 2019 2 min read

Days are about to get shorter and the cold is coming...only 127 days left in this year and you know what that means. CUFFING SEASON IS UPON US...

Insert cold shiver... 

This is when all the bullshit starts. The games, the time wasting, the setup for tax returns and places to stay to keep warm. Or maybe I'm being negative but as of the true definition of a fuckboy... 

So a fuckboy by definition is bad news. Only if there was a vaccine for fuckboys like the flu but unfortunately there isn't. 

What got me on this thought process was a podcast I heard the other day. Here is my reaction to it. 


After the podcast though I thought about it. I think the best way to avoid a fuckboy is not being a fuck girl. 

What is it that you have to offer or what is it that you want from somebody else...think about it then try to be that person. Try to be attractive just by your own standards (And I'm not talking Beauty). I'm talking the hard shit, the qualities and traits that really make up who you are.

  • Have you healed from your trauma?
  • Have you started trying to progress in your life?
  • How is your credit?
  • How is your HEALTH??? 

It's a lot of things that make up a fuckboy and ultimately I think its lack healing. When your deficient and broken you need more things. You feel the need to make others small to make you seem big...aka a fuckboy. The only way to combat that is to heal and get your healing on. When your healed and vibrating high it's hard to be susceptible to a fuckboy.

Happy Cuffing Season!!! 

 PS... If you need further help avoiding No More Fuckboys... 


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