March 03, 2021 2 min read

 I can't tell you how long I struggled with my hair. I did everything wrong

  • Relaxers
  • Tight braids
  • Letting everybody do my hair (Non qualified cheap stylists) 

Hair growth dilemmas are no respecter of persons meaning


And are as a result of many different reasons depending on the individual. However, here are five main reasons that could be impacting your hair growth journey and inhibiting the growth you desire. 

  • Overexposure of hair to heat and chemicals

Believe it or not the use of heat and chemicals can be excessive. Straightening your hair with heat or chemicals or even both prove to be very hazardous to the health of your hair. This tends to deplete the natural moisture balance found within hair and scalp, especially where the correct balance is not reapplied with the use of specific products. The moisture-protein balance is important to the growth and length retention of hair.

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Thriving hair needs the support of daily vitamin and mineral rich foods and supplements. This is used to nourish the entire body and your hair is included. Paying attention to iodine, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, omega-3s, iron, healthy fats, protein, amino acids, and vitamin Care very important for the health of hair in females and could be the main reason your hair isn’t growing.

  • Split ends

Regular trims though hard to accept remove the greatest hair enemy faced– split ends. Split ends are so common that it easily becomes acceptable until it goes unnoticed. Split ends cause your hair to break before they are able to reach their full potential.

  • Abandoned scalp care

It's easy to spend all the time moisturizing the strands of your hair and none is applied to the scalp. This is the main culprit behind the lack of hair growth in many individuals. Massaging your hair daily with natural oils will boost the health of your scalp and create a friendly environment to foster healthy hair growth.

  • Dehydration

Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water daily promotes great hair health. Dehydration can lead to hair breakage and the inability of hair to experience significant new growth.

I know these are a lot of things so ease into them. But if your hair isn't growing and you are consistently seeing damage it is all based on how and what you are doing with your hair. 


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