December 14, 2019 1 min read

I recently did a video about Charlamagne and Meek Mill. The pair sat down and talked about various aspects of Meek's life and what he felt about things. 

The most interesting piece of that conversation to me was when Meek admitted to having a percocet addiction. He said he has since kicked the habit but what alerted him to the reason he had a problem were the choices he was making...the Drake Beef being one of them.  


Meek claims he doesn't know why he went at Drake. He was so high he was making bad decisions. I feel things like this are related to unhealed Trauma. When your traumatized and hurting you self medicate and you lash out. You are depressed, angry and shit seems to happen. 

From what I saw Meek was speaking from a place of maturity and of healing. He was big enough to talk about his issues, what he observed and how he's grown in mentality. Seems like everyone is healing and we all have our process. 

What have you healed and elevated from? Have you been made some decisions or got into fights with people and don't remember? Sometimes were in pain and things set us off for no reason...its okay. Deep breaths just ask yourself why am I angry and be calm as you listen to the answer. 

Go watch the video over on my youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe for the latest updates and as always keep your INTENTIONS pure. 

Peace and Love


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