July 22, 2019 3 min read

“Library closes in five minutes,” the announcement said over the PA speaker. I was already logging out and picking up my phone. I only had 2% of my battery life left but with that little bit of juice I had to deliver some bad news.

I grabbed my things and lurched towards the door, praying my phone would last long enough to get home. Standing outside in the fresh air, I practiced my excuse as the phone rang.

Just one more night.But I had been saying that for the last week. I had been neglecting him and I knew it, but I had to study.

“You outside boo?” He sounded so excited. His sexy baritone whispering in my ear like a love song. I missed him. It made me cry just hearing his voice but I had to do this. Sacrifice was all I knew.

“Actually boo. My phone is about to die but I’m not coming. I’m exhausted boo and I gotta get up in a few hours”

“What the fuck man.” He wouldn’t let me finish. “My dick is hard as fuck. I ain’t had no pussy in four weeks.” It was about pussy, not me I guess.

“Well I’m sorry my education and our future is interfering with you busting a nut.”

The phone was silent, I waited for an apology but nothing.

“Hello…?” the screen was blank, my damn phone was dead. “FUCK!!”

I wanted to throw my phone, send it through the air right to his house, but I threw it in my backpack and trudged home.

“I can’t believe this shit. His dumb ass.” My head was filled with the million things I planned to tell him. “Do you think that I never got horny or saw somebody I wanted to fuck?” I asked him, as if he was walking with me but I already knew the answer to that. He didn’t care about me or my needs. “He’s always so damn selfish.” Before I knew it, the tears started but I brushed them away with an angry fist. “FUCK THIS!” I screamed into the night, trying to walk faster but a coughing fit made me slow down. My allergies were acting up and that meant my asthma would be showing up in the near future. I made a mental note to take my meds as soon as I got home right after I called Chance and finished cursing him all the way out.

I would first tell him that just as hard as his dick is my pussy is even wetter. I needed compassion, I needed love too, but what I got was more demands. Demands from professors and work, and even the university. No one in the cashier’s office cared that I was on my own, that my parents were non-existent and that my brother was dead, or that I was another tragedy away from losing my mind. All they wanted was my tuition.

But this was my last night doing this, tomorrow I would present my project and go on a nice long vacation to a place I call my bed. I hadn’t had a full eight hours of sleep in months...maybe a year…and here he was complaining about his dick being hard.

A screeching sound broke through the air, like an owl or some kind of bird. I was so busy gathering up my words for the argument we were about to have that I didn’t take notice of the fact that I was the only one on the path.

The streetlights, the chirping of crickets, and the sound of my tennis shoes on the pavement were the only things around me. I didn’t do my usual safety checks and strolled down the block like I didn’t have a care in the world. Turning my head to the side I caught a glimpse of something move.

“GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT!” I heard the deep rasp of a voice come from the shadows. I thought it was a joke at first or maybe that I was imagining things until a figure stepped out from the right into my path on the sidewalk. He came from nowhere, like a killer in a scary movie. It was a tall man dressed in all black with a skull cap covering his face and head. My first instincts told me to run, until he stepped into the path blocking my way. But bigger than him was the reflection from the streetlight of his gun.

“You breathe and I’ll kill you.”


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